Solid Domestic Waste: 1/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"

  • High School
Solid Domestic Waste: 1/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"
MYP Grade 10 Science Class

This Spring the Grade 10 MYP Science Class worked on this Statement of Inquiry:

Sustainability depends on design decisions within the community.

Each group was given the following task:

Design and investigate an environmental factor that is related to our community. 


Carbon Footprint of Paper Towel Use

Suebin and Sola

We aim to collect data about how much Seisen uses the paper towel in sanitation purposes monthly and annually, after the outburst of the pandemic. With that data, we will be estimating how much carbon footprint it produces.

Paper Consumption

Linnea, Ami and Sanskriti

 For our investigation, we want to ask people around Seisen about their paper consumption by collecting data through surveys.

Reducing Waste in Classrooms

Mika and Yuko

How can we reduce combustible and non-combustible waste in Seisen classrooms? We conducted a data collection survey of waste mass in high school and middle school classrooms.

Making Seisen a Sustainable School Series

Introduction and Biodiversity

Part 1: Solid Domestic Waste

Part 2: Food Waste

Part 3: Air Pollution

Part 4: Energy Security


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