Sister Manuela Infused the Kitchen and Cafeteria with Energy and Joy (1929-2021)

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Sister Manuela Infused the Kitchen and Cafeteria with Energy and Joy (1929-2021)
Colette Rogers

Dear Seisen Community,

It is with a very heavy heart that I share the sad news of the passing of Sr Manuela Segurola in Spain on Tuesday, September 7th 2021. Before Cezars Kitchen, Sr Manuela reigned over the Seisen International School kitchen and cafeteria for many years.

Sister in Caeteria

Sister Manuela Segurola (1929-2021)

Sr Manuela loved Seisen. She loved the students, the faculty and staff. She treated the ladies who worked in the kitchen like family. She was the loudest supporter of the various sport teams and loved when she could travel to away games to support our student athletes. She was infamous for giving extra portions to the athletes before a big game or meet and to students before major exams. She had a soft spot for the 'boy teachers' and often gave them a little extra food too and advice on dating!

She was quite the "Seisen Character", quick to laugh, joke and tease. She was often seen riding her bike or walking around the neighborhood and was known to drive a hard bargain with local shop owners, back in the time when you could actually bargain. Well known to the local police for her "interesting" parking of her bicycle, she could charm them into visiting our Festival of Nations when they were off duty. She loved nothing better than going booth to booth on the day showing off the school to her guests. We always reserved a very special Irish Coffee for her at the Irish Booth.

While not a member of our teaching faculty, it is true to say that she taught many life lessons to students and indeed to faculty from her post in the kitchen and in the cafeteria. Above all Sr Manuela was "a people person" and a keen observer of people. She would notice when a child or an adult was sad, lonely or just having a bad day and reach out to them in her own special "Sr Manuela Way". She infused the kitchen and cafeteria with energy and joy and left a beautiful impression on all who knew her.

She had an open heart for everyone.

Please join me in extending our sympathies to the sisters on the loss of Sr Manuela, truly a friend to all.

Colette Rogers

School Head


Sr Pura, Sr Manuela, Sr. Concesa, Sr Asuncion

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