Seisen Students Win in "Youth Who Code Hackathon"

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Seisen Students Win in "Youth Who Code Hackathon"
Ceejay Jader

Youth Who Code Hackathon 2021 Proposal

Youth Who Code is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing more access to STEAM programs for young learners in Japan.
The organization hope to organize events, workshops, seminars for students and young learners to get them interested, educated, and inspired of all things STEAM-related.

Their Initiatives:
● Target of reaching 1,000,000 Youth & Girls in STEAM & beyond
● Largest International Inter-School Hackathon in Tokyo
● English STEAM programs for underprivileged students in Japan & developing countries
● Bridging the gender divide in STEAM by making our programs more accessible for girls
● Student Council to create a community of like-minded STEAM enthusiasts
● 1,000 STEAM Scholarships for qualified underprivileged students from developing countries, especially girls to pursue education STEAM subjects & fields

Youth Who Code Inter-School Hackathon March 2021
Youth Who Code is inviting all students from international schools around Tokyo to take part in the largest inter-school Hackathon in Japan. We will provide students with training and guidance as they form teams to come up with a project that will be centered around various social issues that have arisen due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
We hope that through this event, students will be able to showcase their technological know-how to the greater community in Japan while providing their unique perspectives in working on a project that has real-life implications

Twelve High School students joined the event. Most of them are first-time Python programmers. 

We have one Seisen-only group who won the second prize, one student joined in the other group, her group won the third prize.  The other student we have were placed in different groups with other international schools. 

Xeutong, Sonal, Jiaxing, and Jiyu

Eun Bin Seon with students from another school 

Watch the PLACCO pitch video here.

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