Seisen MS Students Feature Highly in Brain Bowl Competition

Seisen MS Students Feature Highly in Brain Bowl Competition
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Douglas Brittain

2024 Kanto Plains Middle School Brain Bowl Competition Report

This year  97 students from eight schools participated in the MS Kanto Plains Brain Bowl competition hosted by Tokyo International School on 7th February 2024. Starting at 9 am with Topic rounds, followed by Buzzer rounds, and finally Novelty rounds, the event ended by 2:30 p.m. Typical of the MS Brain Bowl Competition each of the 20 teams consisted of 3 or 4 students from different schools. Schools do not compete against each other. The mixed schools' team arrangement promotes the establishment of a quick rapport among students.

Buzzer Round Session

Similar to last year’s results, Seisen featured in 3 of the top 5 teams in the competition.
Following are the results featuring the top 5 teams. Teams in which Seisen participated are highlighted and the names of the participating students are identified.



Participating student

1. H



2. B


Grace Ahn

3. C



4. L


Miki Makabe

5. A


Sora Studebaker

Well done to all the students who participated in this event. They had a thrilling time. Thank you to all the students who attended practice sessions but could not be part of the competing team at TIS because of restrictions on numbers. 

Ms. S. Ndhlovu & Ms. E. Egawa.


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