Seisen Model United Nations Collaborates with St. Mary's MUN

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Seisen Model United Nations Collaborates with St. Mary's MUN
Dain Lee (2022), Catherine Heo (2022), and Miia Makinen (2022)

Hello everyone! This is the Seisen Model United Nations (MUN) club!

This club replicates the debates and resolution-making process that the United Nations does. At MUN, students represent different countries while debating global issues such as women's rights, territory disputes, and nuclear deals.

Earlier this month, Saturday (April 2nd), we held a collaborative MUN conference with St.Mary's International School called SM/S MUN. This was a student-led event that was planned by three students from Seisen - Dain Lee, Catherine Heo, and Miia Mäkinen - and three students from St.Mary’s - Pratham Joshi, Marcus Chang, and Christoper Kirch. The conference held four committees throughout the day; Special Political and Decolonization (SPECPOL), United Nations Human Right Committee (UNHRC), and World Trade Organization (WTO) during the first half the day. The fourth committee occurred in the afternoon and combined all the delegates from the other committees. These committees discussed global issues, ranging from modern-day slavery to COVID vaccine waivers. Below, the chairs (regulators of the debate procedure) from the committees discuss their debate topic and results.

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SPECPOL: The Issue of Taiwan

Hi, this is Miia, and I was one of the chairs of the SPECPOL committee. Here, delegates debated the issue if Taiwan should be reunited with China or if it should be classified as an independent nation globally. Though the debate had a slow start, as this was the delegate's first conference ever, all the delegates gained confidence in themselves throughout the day. All the delegates proved to be incredibly knowledgeable of the nations they represented and understood the severity of the issue. Despite no resolutions passed, I am incredibly proud of all the delegates for breaking out of their shell.

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UNHRC: Modern Day Slavery

Hi, this is Catherine, one of the chairs for the UNHRC. The committee shared fruitful debates on the topic of modern-day slavery. Cooperating through real-life alliances, delegates proposed innovative solutions to the prominent issue, passing cultivated resolutions. Through this conference, students were able to grasp the professionalism required in the ever-changing realm of international relations.

WTO: COVID Vaccine Waivers

Hi, I’m Dain, and I was a chair of the WTO committee. In the WTO committee, delegates came together to discuss a topic relevant to the ongoing pandemic: COVID vaccines. Recognizing the unequal distribution of vaccines amongst developed and developing nations, the committee specifically debated whether a waiver on the intellectual property rights of vaccines would resolve the situation. Through the committee, delegates were able to pass a resolution that both respected the IPRs of vaccines and promote vaccine equality.

UNHCR Challenge

In the second half of the conference, all delegates from the three committees joined together for the UNHCR challenge. This is a worldwide challenge that the UNHCR is hosting, which has been initiated from the question,

“What if students could shape solutions to help people forced to flee their homes?”

Through this challenge, the UNHCR is challenging Model United Nations delegates worldwide to debate the major issues related to forced displacement. Amongst several assigned topics, the committee pondered upon the topic:

"Finding durable solutions for refugees".

Many delegates were able to recognize the situation of refugees, especially in the context of the current Russo-Ukrainian war, and were able to establish a solid resolution that was presented to the UNHCR. If chosen as the best resolution, this will be presented to the policymakers within the UNHCR.

Overall, the conference was a huge success, with many delegates enjoying the debates and having fun interacting with each other, formally and casually. We hope that this collaboration continues for many years to come!

Dain, Catherine, and Miia

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