Best of '21: Seisen Instagram Top Posts

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Best of '21: Seisen Instagram Top Posts
Douglas Brittain

Despite being our newest Social Media account @seisen_setagaya, our Instagram account, has become our most followed. If you you are on Instagram and haven't followed us, please do.

Check out our Social Media Page

Even if you do not have an Instagram account you can still enjoy the fun, visual look into day to day life at Seisen by looking at the Social Media page of our website. On this page you can see the latest from our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube all in one place. 

Best 9 for 2021

Instragram Grid
  1. Sister Asuncion's 100th Birthday (September 7th)

  2. Santa visits with Mr. Naraba (December 16th)

  3. Mr. Wagai receives award from Emperor (May 25th)

  4. Graduation Sunrise Breakfast (May 29th)

  5. New Family Orientation (August 17th)

  6. Cross Country at Komawawa (September 24th)

  7. Math Olympian Award for Emma (August 20th)

  8. Banana! Banana, banana...banana. (October 29th)

  9. Impressive IB Diploma results (August 25th)


Reaching a bigger audience

We encourage our student groups to send photos and messages to share on @seisen_setagaya. With more that 2,200 followers made up of students, parents, former students, other schools and more it is a great way to spread their message to a bigger audience.

Our most saved Instagram post in 2021 was this one from the Seisen GSA in June.

Happy Pride month from Seisen GSA

Seisen GSA is currently pre-selling stickers of their mascot "Pikle".


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