Portraits and the Process Portfolio; Grade 11 Art Students Excel in their First Unit

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Portraits and the Process Portfolio; Grade 11 Art Students Excel in their First Unit
Shantelle Kotowich

Grade 11 started with arguably the hardest assignment of the year. On the first day of school they were challenged to sit down and paint a portrait of their partner with no warning or instructions. We then spent several weeks conducting photo shoots, analyzing reference photos using photoshop, practicing acrylic painting techniques and processes, and wound up with a second refined portrait. The improvement between the first and second portraits were obvious. 

Students were then challenged to critically investigate the work of another artist (formally analyzing their work and creating a copy of one of their portraits) before producing a third portrait of their partner in the style of the artist studied.
Through these four portraits, students learned how to paint more realistically and then moved beyond realism to consider style. They have shown tremendous growth already in their artistic practices and abilities, and it’s only October.

Not all students will carry on to paint portraits for their final IB Exhibition, but the work students produced during this unit will help them in making any kind of future artwork and will be submitted as part of their Component 2 Process Portfolio.

We look forward to seeing what they make next!

Portraits of Miyuki Maeda, painted by Emi Nishimi

Portraits of Yui Kurosaki, painted by Geo Nguyen 

Portraits of Tanaya Nag, painted by Liza Glushak 

Portraits of Mia Akai, painted by Aina Sekido 

Portraits of Marina Lee painted by Chloe Seo 

Portraits of Karen Wood, painted by Lula Hanari 

Portraits of Maya Morikuni, painted by Ann Katashiba 

Portraits of Liza Glushak, painted by Tanaya Nag 

Portraits of Lula Hanari, painted by Karen Wood 

Portraits of Geo Nguyen, painted by Yui Kurosaki 

Portraits of Emi Nishimi, painted by Miyuki Maeda 

Portraits of Ann Katashiba, painted by Maya Morikuni 

Portraits of Chloe Seo, painted by Marina Lee 

Portraits of Aina Sekido, painted by Mia Akai 


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