MS StuCo Supports Our Sister School Through Walkathon

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MS StuCo Supports Our Sister School Through Walkathon
Anushka Mohanty (Class of 2026)

On April 29th, 2022, the Middle School Student Council hosted the annual walkathon, where middle school students and teachers go to Komozawa park to walk (or run) laps. StuCo members count each student/teacher’s laps by standing at the checkpoint and tallying each student’s amount of laps. Then, students and faculty seek out a sponsorship based on how many laps a student may have run/walked. All of the sponsorship money will be donated to our sister school in India- the Dilkhush secondary school in Mumbai.


Why do we do the walkathon?


The walkathon is a new concept that only started last year. This is because, for the past 3 years, there haven’t been any field trips for middle schoolers due to the ongoing covid situation. So, StuCo planned the walkathon so that middle students will still be able to have a fun experience despite the lack of field trips the students have had. The walkathon may not be as fun as the field trips before COVID, but it is something that students can always look forward to during the year.  

This was also an excellent opportunity to support our sister school through donations. We not only did this for students' enjoyment, but as a support for Dilkhush, and the walkathon was a significant way for charity. StuCo and many of the students were honored to be able to donate money to make a new facility for kids with special needs. It was a great way to show our support despite both schools being in two different countries. 

This Year. 

This year, we have raised 237,703 yen and there were over 120 Students/faculty that participated, who all donated at least 1000 yen. We also added some changes that were not implied last year. Something different things that we did this year was the difference in the checkpoint system. This year students were able to decorate t-shirts and create a tally chart in order to keep track of the number of laps they have walked/ran. This was a fun way to keep track of laps, and students enjoyed the time decorating the shirts and walking with them during the event.

StuCo members, students, and teachers worked hard for this event and enjoyed the walkathon a lot; we hope to do this again next year!


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