Middle School Student Council Starts Strong

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Middle School Student Council Starts Strong
Lexie Bikai, MS STUCO Communications Officer

The Middle School STUCO is a group of middle schoolers who want to serve under the Seisen community, and those who want to have a sense of responsibility for their own school. My name is Lexie Bikai, and I am the STUCO Middle School communications officer. My role is to communicate with people in our school community regarding events that the STUCO members have decided to hold, and anything else the students or staff members would like to spread around the Seisen community. 

Middle School STUCO 2020-2021

President Leina Pham-The

Vice President Linah Kuria

Secretary Nanami Aoki

Treasurer Lisa Kanamori

Communications Lexie Bikai

Two Class Representatives from both classes in each grade. 

Teach Representative: Ms. Dunn

Students and teacher group photo

2020-2021 Seisen International School Middle School Student Council

Our goal for this year is to make this school year the best year possible, despite the pandemic, and to give everyone a chance to do the things that they want to do, and spread awareness on issues all around the world. We want to help students voice their opinions on topics they view as important and encourage them to make a difference with the things they believe in. We raise campaigns on issues that the students view as important and take the step towards improving on the issues the best way possible, and support institutions that also take the extra mile to abolish those issues. We obviously also want to encourage students to have fun and to be able to provide students with the opportunity to “forget” about the pandemic for a while.

We hold monthly events known as Spirit Week, which is basically a time for students to change something up about their uniforms that match the requirements for that day; this will go on for the full 5 days of that week, and each day will have different requirements. 
Below is a poster for the announcement of Spirit Week:

list of events


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