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Math Field Day Award Winners
Greg Walters

28 Seisen students competed in online Math Field Day Competition after last year's event was cancelled.

Math Field Day

On March 9, twenty eight Seisen students took part in the Math Field Day competition with eleven other schools.  This event was cancelled last year as schools were just figuring out how to deal with the pandemic.  It is usually a very long day with an early bus ride and some time getting through base security.  Everything was online this year and it went reasonably well.

Our students competed from home, mainly because they were competing against each other for one challenge of the day.  The team event is a bit unusual because each team is made up of students from a mix of schools.  The “engineering” part of the event was not held this year.

Middle School (11 students)

Because the event was cancelled last year, none of our competitors brought previous experience to the day.  We were not able to do our usual after-school practice.  Nevertheless, our girls did well and we hope they each found value in their collaboration with students from other schools and in the challenge of solving so many math problems.

Individual Competition Awards

Grade 7:  2nd place (tied) Emma Hayashi

Team Awards (mixed-school teams)

Grade 6:  2nd place Ellen Ka

Grade 7:  3rd place Risako Tai

Team Awards (mixed-school teams)

Grade 6:  2nd place Ellen Ka

Grade 7:  3rd place Risako Tai

High School (17 students)

Seisen high school students did quite well this year.  Here is a list of those earning awards.

Two students hold awards

Individual Competition Awards

Grade 9:  1st place (tied) Suebin Lee

Grade 10:  1st place (tied) Sonal Mahajan

Grade 11:  3rd place (tied) Dain Lee

Grade 12:  3rd place (tied) Jungwoo Lee (Wonhyung Park took 4th, giving us the best school result for grade 12.)

Team Awards (mixed-school teams)

1st place:  Dain Lee, Grade 11

2nd place:  Jiyu Kim, Grade 10

3rd place (tied):  Suebin Lee, Grade 9

Thank you to all the students who participated and represented our school so well.

Any students who participated in this event can get their specific results through their math teachers.


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