Continued Learning Over Christmas Break: Medical Clinic Internship

Continued Learning Over Christmas Break: Medical Clinic Internship
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Awing Lui - Academic and Higher Education Advisor

"I feel like I understand now, what it truly means to be a doctor."

Over the winter holidays, six Seisen High School students were able to visit Shirokane Sanko Clinic  for a short internship. Dr Ko shared invaluable information related to medicine, medical universities, and the careers of his friends and himself. It was a precious experience and made students realize how much responsibility a doctor carries on their shoulders. Students also learned the difference between the responsibilities of a nurse and a doctor. 

"The internship gave us the opportunity to look at the work done at clinics in Japan in a different light as the doctor was really friendly, nice and enthusiastic when it came to imparting knowledge to us. We learned about recent medical progress like the SIRNA that concerned possibly helping with cancer and other diseases. We also had the chance to look at other equipment used at the clinic and try using an analogue heart pressure monitor."

"The visit to Doctor Sato was truly enjoyable, giving me valuable insights and inspiration to what it means to be a greater doctor!"

doctor and students
student nurses







Students observed the different patients that came to the clinic and found it interesting, since they all had multiple different health issues including patient with a decaying wound, patient with warts on hands, patience with thyroid problem etc. They also had the opportunity to use the 'Sphygmomanometer', the blood pressure machine, and used it simultaneously with a stethoscope. In addition, students experienced using an oxygen measurer and blood testing machine.

"Dr.Ko's sympathetic connections with his patients helped me recognize the importance of doctor-to-patient relationships from a different perspective."

"This internship was a great opportunity to learn about the roles and responsibilities of a doctor. Observing the doctor's kind and considerate approach to the patients was a true inspiration!"

"Although it was my first time participating in a clinical internship, the doctors and nurses were very welcoming and taught us how the clinic was being operated. They also gave us the opportunity to listen to patient's stories and their diagnosis. It was an inspirational experience that gave us insight into the life of doctors and nurses who work with and for the patient. This internship has been a valuable experience for me, and I am very grateful for the doctors and nurses that took care of us despite their busy schedules."

The students have thoroughly enjoyed this internship. Thanks to Dr Ko for giving such a wonderful opportunity to our students.

For those members of the Seisen Community who would like to offer internship opportunities, please get in touch with:

Ms Awing Lui
Academic and Higher Education

She would love to arrange more opportunities for Seisen students!

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