Launching the PYP Exhibition Site

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Students standing on field
Serrin Smyth

Welcome to the Seisen Elementary School PYP Exhibition 2020-21. 

We invite you to share the Exhibition Site with extended family and friends so that they might also contribute to the students’ Exhibition experience.

Step 1: Introduction

(Watch this 2 minute video; to familiarise yourself with how to interact with the Exhibition Site.

Step 2: Explore!

Explore the Exhibition!

Step 3: Feedback

After viewing the Exhibition Site, please visit the Padlet and add:
- 1 appreciation or compliment
- 1 question (Questioning will help the students deepen their thinking about their topics even more)
- 1 way you have been inspired by them to take action

 Step 1: Introduction Step 2: Explore! Step 3: Feedback

Kind regards,

The Exhibition Team


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