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Kindergarten International Day Brings Families Together Online
Kathy Kampa

Cultural sharing submissions from families will be a special part of this year’s livestream event.

Seisen’s Kindergarten children will be celebrating International Day on Friday, April 16th. This year will mark 25 years since we started this event in 1996. International Day was started to celebrate our unique learning community, currently a community of people from over twenty different countries around the globe. 

Students dancing in playground

2019 Seisen Kindergarten International Day

We celebrate with our songs, our dances, our colorful costumes, and our flags. We are proud of our heritage, and we delight in sharing it with our school community. 

We are grateful for the cultural sharing submissions that will be a special part of this year’s livestream event. The children have been learning songs and dances from many different countries around the world. Please log on before 8:55 a.m. to catch the entire program.


Live Stream

Friday, April 16th 9AM


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Title screen with flags


Seisen International School
Kindergarten International Day 2021 Program

  1. Cultural Sharing from Seisen Families Video (Starting at 8:55)
  2. Group song Video: Funga Alafia (West Africa/ Yoruba)
  3. Snowdrops and Tulips International Parade
  4. Ribbon Dance (China) 
  5. German Clapping Dance (Germany) 
  6. Paprika (Japan) 
  7. Cultural Sharing from Seisen Families Video
  8. Daffodils and Violets International Parade
  9. Heel Toe Polka (United States) 
  10. Highway #1 (Australia)
  11. Bum Bum Bole (India)
  12. Cultural Sharing from Seisen Families Video
  13. Primroses, Bluebells, and Buttercups International Parade
  14. Itik-Itik (Chicken dance from Philippines)
  15. Penguin Dance (Antarctica)
  16. Carnavalito (Bolivia) 
  17. KG Group Song Video: One Earth, One World by Linda Arnold
  18. Closing Messages
  19. Everybody Video: Jerusalema (South Africa) Nomcebo Zikode

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