K-12 House Day Returns

K-12 House Day Returns
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Rachel Grantham

House Day 
November 4th 2022, at Kinuta Park

Kids in park

Our much-awaited, long anticipated K-12 Seisen International School Kinuta Park House Day returned with renewed vigour after a two-year hiatus. The House Committee has been meeting since the start of the academic year to discuss and plan for this extraordinary day with excitement and enthusiasm. Being able to have a K-12 event once again was exactly what we needed to ensure our 60th anniversary year 'Honoured Our Legacy and Celebrated Our Diversity'. To be able to come together in celebration of friendship, fun and camaraderie was amazing. After a postponement of the event due to unfavourable weather, we could not have asked for a more stunning day of sunshine and beauty in Kinuta Park.

Current families can view more than 3000 photos of House Day on the Photo Galleries page of our website portals.

Kids in park

We saw our students and staff placed in one of the twelve teams across the four houses. This ensured that every house team had a mixture of students from every grade, including our kindergarteners. It was a day of intense fun, excitement and energy. Everyone participated in the park and gym relay races with drive and competitiveness. In the classrooms, teams were tasked with making a team house hat using brown paper bags and house-coloured construction paper, and many of these hats looked sensational.


The highlight of the day, no doubt, was the car racing contest in the gym, with every single student and a staff member from all teams racing the cars they made with recyclable PET bottles, bottle caps, straws, skewer sticks, balloons and marbles. We had a range of amazing-looking vehicles, ready to race down the ramp, which Mr. Dary and Mr. Wagai had made especially for this competition. After twelve intense rounds of competition and lots of cheering, the Ontake team cars appear to have Formula One speed and win most of the twelve rounds. Great job to all teams and the engineering behind these cars.

car race

Special thanks go to the House Committee for planning the day's events, the teacher supervisors who supported their house teams, the student leaders who designed the ice-breaker games, Mr. Dary and Mr. Wagai and the maintenance team as well as all who were involved in the successful delivery of another remarkable K-12 House Day, Till we meet again next year!



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