Internship Report: Maya Morikuni at Lladro

Internship Report: Maya Morikuni at Lladro
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Maya Morikuni (Class of 2023)

During the summer of 2022, a number of Seisen students were able to complete an internship that was offered by Seisen parents. These internships lasted between two weeks to seven weeks. On behalf of the students and the school I would like to sincerely thank them for their generosity and giving our students such a great opportunity to learn about the real world of work.

During the summer, I, along with 2 other classmates was given the opportunity to intern at Lladró, a Spanish company that produces high-end products with porcelain. 

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Through this opportunity, I was not only able to gain experiences by familiarizing myself with the formal, working environment, which we experienced firsthand through the systematic processes that occur during the production and commerce stages of selling a product. This was possible from our trips to the warehouse where the products that were newly shipped in/in the process of transporting were stored, and by visiting the stores that sold the products, as it was an educational experience to understand more about customer behaviors and marketing strategies. 

Not only was this internship experience beneficial in allowing us students to familiarize themselves with the real world, but it was especially helpful for me to identify and narrow down some career options by interviewing some workers that are in charge of the roles within the company. For instance, I was able to expand my knowledge regarding marketing and the advertising strategies that are implemented to successfully sell the pieces. 

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Our Higher Education Advisor Ms. Awing Lui is continuously looking for opportunities for our students. If you are able to offer anything to our students in the future and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact her at 

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