Internship Report: Maya Hemmi at Youmewe

Internship Report: Maya Hemmi at Youmewe
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Maya Hemmi (Class of 2023)

During the summer of 2022, a number of Seisen students were able to complete an internship that was offered by Seisen parents. These internships lasted between two weeks to seven weeks. On behalf of the students and the school I would like to sincerely thank them for their generosity and giving our students such a great opportunity to learn about the real world of work. 

Working as a student intern for a non-profit organization this summer, I honed my communication skills by interacting with adults in a professional, mature environment. I gained insights into the workings of a vast organization that meets its objectives through a collective effort by all employees, from top management to those who do the actual work. 


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My first step into this organization was uncertain, as I thought my senior supervisors might be somewhat distant. However, everyone in the organization gave me nothing but a friendly, warm welcome which boosted my confidence to voice my opinions and contribute ideas to the group. 

I worked in one central department: Communications, Branding, and Marketing (CBM). However, as departments overlapped when it came to goals and objectives, I was still able to branch out and help with various projects. Some include: 

  • Organizing/facilitating an annual summer arts camp in Tokyo that offers children living in orphanages a unique opportunity to learn different forms of art taught by professional artists worldwide.  
  • Creating project proposals; the recent one being for a scholarship program that aims to provide advanced education for children in institutionalized homes (which has already raised $17,417) 
  • Teaching digital and financial literacy to children in orphanages. 

Working in the CBM department reinforced my belief that good teamwork is critical to success. NPOs typically have a small number of “core members” who stay dedicated to the organization long term, as many contributors are only volunteers. Thus, I was amazed by how team members chipped in their ideas in meetings and diligently worked on the independent tasks provided to them by their seniors.

I witnessed how various communication channels let people at all levels stay updated on essential tasks and projects. The direct approach adopted by the CBM team was more organized compared to what I observed working in student organizations. Information flowed through formal channels, with higher-level executives having the final say when making decisions. Seeing how efficient communication can be within a group, has been useful in understanding how I could improve my own method of leadership. 

Overall, my internship at the NPO enhanced my understanding of teamwork within an organization. I recommend interning for an NPO for students who want to work on exercising their communication skills and seek leadership roles, as you will get to work closely with CEOs who are more likely to listen to your ideas and initiatives. However, students should ensure that their values align with the mission of the NPO, as it will motivate them to stay dedicated and involved throughout their time working. 

It will be an excellent way to involve yourself in your local community by working on projects with kindhearted staff who wish to make a positive difference in the community and the world. 

Our Higher Education Advisor Ms. Awing Lui is continuously looking for opportunities for our students. If you are able to offer anything to our students in the future and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact her at 

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