Higher Education Preparation Day

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Higher Education Preparation Day
Awing Lui

Grade 11 Higher Education Prep Day

On Friday 16 April, all Grade 11 students attended the Higher Education Prep Day. This is the first time where the Grade 11s could be off timetable and have a very focused day to obtain higher education information. 

Factors Students Should Consider

The day started off by addressing the different factors students should consider as they narrow down their list of universities and colleges. These factors could include but not limited to:

  • location
  • class size
  • size of the school
  • majors
  • student support
  • accommodation
  • cost
  • scholarship opportunities
  • weather
  • etc.

CVs to showcase achievements

The students were also taught how to write their CVs and showcase their academic and extra curricular activities achievements. 

Higher education system in particular countries

Throughout the day, there were 6 optional workshops where students could attend according to where they like to pursue their higher education. The 6 workshops were split into different countries (US, UK, Japan, Australia & New Zealand, UK and Europe) and students were given specific information on the higher education system in those particular countries and useful links for their research.

'Best Fit' universities and colleges

Students are highly encouraged to do thorough research and identify their 'best fit' universities and colleges. A strong emphasis was placed on the importance of a good university application strategy. It is crucial for students to try reach their goals but at the same time to not over stretch themselves. 

The Grade 11 students found the day very useful and it really helped them to think more about what they want and need from a university. 

Awing Lui
Academic and Higher Education Advisor
Seisen International School

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