High School Student Volunteers Raise Awareness for East Timor

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High School Student Volunteers Raise Awareness for East Timor
Voluntary Service Group for East Timor

Who we are

We are the Voluntary service group for East Timor. Our group consists of 10 members from  9th grade and we are aiming to support and educate people about East Timor. We meet every Monday during the EL period (6th period) to plan out projects for the near future.

Why we started the group

Initially, one of our student leaders had an idea for starting up an EL club to support and raise awareness about what has happened and the current situation in East Timor. She happened to have a grandaunt working in East Timor as a Sister of the handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. With her support and knowledge about the country, we were able to smoothly plan out where and how to help the people in East Timor. 

What we did (Coffee and KG)

Coffee Sale

We have designed different projects for the past few months in order to raise awareness about the problems in East Timor. The first project we conducted was the coffee sale. We sold coffee made in East Timor around our school to the teachers, students, and a few parents. As a result, we were able to sell 80 packages of coffee and donated over 26,000 yen in total. Another project we worked on was our presentation to the kindergarteners. We introduced East Timor, the hardships they face, and the purpose of our EL. We also tried to make our presentation entertaining by explaining the cultures and traditions of this country. We think this was a good opportunity for the kindergarteners to have an interest and learn more about the global issue that East Timor and many other countries are facing. 

Students posing

Next steps

Our next step is to conduct more projects to raise money and awareness for East Timor. One project we have planned recently for the near future is to sell handmade products to not only the staff members, faculty and students in Seisen but to people outside of this community.  We were invited to sell and be involved in a fundraising activity that is being held on December 4th ~5th in Shibuya as a part of a special Christmas event. The money that is raised by this event will be donated to children in East Timor that are struggling to have a stable living during this pandemic. 

Charity Bazaar

December 4th &  5th

10:00AM to 2:00PM

Omotesando Studio R 

Shibuya Jingumae 4-14-19

This is the official poster to this event: 

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