Happy 100th Birthday Sister Asuncion!

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Happy 100th Birthday Sister Asuncion!
Colette Rogers
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Sister Asuncion at age 7.

Today we join members of the Seisen Community around the world in celebrating Sister Asuncion Lecubarri's 100th Birthday. At 100 years Sister Asuncion continues to pray for and support Seisen International School as well as alumni and former students on every continent.

2022 will mark 55 years since she first arrived in Japan, and the 60th anniversary of Seisen International School. In addition to her  In 1998 when Sister Asucnion retired as the School Head the following biography was published in the EARCOS QUARTERLY.

"Her work in education spans over five decades. When she first arrived in post war Japan in 1948 she worked in the financial administration of schools started by the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In 1967, Sister Asuncion first came to work as a Grade 7 and 8 math and religion teacher at Seisen International School. While working at a school for special needs in India in 1971-1972, Sister Asuncion was suddenly called back to Japan in 1973 to take up as interim headmistress until the headmistress returned. As Sister Asuncion remembers it, her predecessor remained a predecessor, never to return, and Sister Asuncion was on her way to learning the ins and outs of school administration.


Sister Pura, Sister Manuela, Sister Concesa, Sister Asuncion

Seisen International School, which began as a kindergarten in 1962 has come a long way, thanks in great measure to the boundless energy and commitment of Sister Asuncion. During her tenure, Siesen incorporated the AP and IB  into it's high school curriculum, was accredited by WASC in 1975, WASC and ECIS in 1982 and 1992, and has seen over 550 graduates go on to universities all over the world. Always an active voice in educational organizations, Sister Asuncion has been a member of JCIS since 1974, served many times as the treasurer of the Kanto Plain Association of Overseas Schools, served as a board member of EARCOS 1986-1989, and served as board member of the IB Executive Committee 1988-1994. "

Source: "Sister Asuncion Lecubarri and Seisen International School"
2017, Suzanne Kawasumi

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