Food Waste: 2/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"

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Food Waste: 2/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"
MYP Grade 10 Science Class

This Spring the Grade 10 MYP Science Class worked on this Statement of Inquiry:

Sustainability depends on design decisions within the community.

Each group was given the following task:

Design and investigate an environmental factor that is related to our community. 

Today's Feature: FOOD WASTE


Yui Ishita

We are investigating food waste at Cezar's Kitchen. We believe that adopting Cezar’s Kitchen Bento system will have a significant benefit in reducing food waste, compared to its pre-covid buffet lunch option. 

Hana, Sora and Someno

Calculating the carbon footprint of how much food is prepared and its food waste from Seisen students/teachers + Cezar's Kitchen's bentos.

Luna and Yui

 We are hoping to look at how much food waste is produced from Cezar's, and also the waste rate within students. We also aim to look at where the food sources are coming from. (Survey for HS; generalizing the whole school)

Kotori and Rena

We aim to investigate on how much food are being wasted in our community, and suggest a realistic solution to help encourage the reduction of it.

Yeni and Aika

The consumption of food at Seisen, and the waste and carbon emissions by it.

Harumi, Mao, Judy

 Food consumption/waste in Cezar's Kitchen


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Making Seisen a Sustainable School Series

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