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KPASS - Kanto Plains Association of Secondary Principals
Michael Steele and Doug Brittain

The Kanto Plain Film Festival is an annual showcase for student filmmakers from international schools in the Kanto Plain. For the second year in a row the festival took place online.Voting for the 2021 Kanto Plains Film Festival took place over the last two weeks. Mr. Eyres from ISSH once again did an amazing job accepting submissions and organizing voting.

Seisen Winners

"The Bathroom"- Zara, Yoon, Mia and Ami (Grade 8)

"The Bathrom" is a short horror movie by Ami Bodenheimer, Mia Resnick, Yoon Hur and Zara Strauss in Grade 8.
Silver Award in Dramatic Fiction-Indicates positive engagement and the strong development of some cinematic elements

Ami, Mia, Yoon and Zara worked on their film as part of the "Video Production" Experiential Learning class with Mr. Steele and Mr. Brittain.  

"Luna Brown" - Rin (Grade 10)

Written by and starring Rin Mase, filmed by Mion Suzuki and Yume Tailles , Sound by Farah Mohamed in Grade 10
Silver Award in Dramatic Fiction -Indicates positive engagement and the strong development of some cinematic elements
In addition Rin received two excellence awards:
Excellence in Writing 
Excellence in Acting

Rin originally wrote and performed "Luna Brown" as part the Kanto Plains Speech Competition in November. She received a Gold award for that performance. 

Excellence Award winners from St. Mary's, ASIJ, ISSH can be seen on the Kanto Plains Film Festival website.

Watch all of the 2021 Award-winning films.

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