Farm to Table With Grade 3

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Farm to Table With Grade 3
Suzanne Holguin
Jon Walsh from Business Grow

Jon Walsh during the first weekly lesson.

Grade 3 students have finally been able to enjoy the fruits of their labor, or the veggies of their labor, this past week. Both 3A and 3B have been working with Jon Walsh from Business Grow, an urban farming consultant and instructor , since early October when they first planted seedlings and seeds in a small garden on the jungle-gym playground. They, along with their homeroom teachers, took the time out of their busy schedules to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather and get their hands dirty. 

The seedlings are now ready for harvest and the lettuce from seed will be able to be harvested in the next couple of weeks. Students from 3B harvested two big boxes of mixed lettuce leaves, two types of parsley and a huge radish. Then 3A students, with some 3B students, prepared the salad by gently tearing it into bite-size pieces. 

At lunch Grades 1,2 and 3 had their fill, and re-fills, of freshly harvested salad. Some compliments received included that it was the best salad ever! 

The students are looking forward to harvesting more and even are thinking of selling it to raise money for charity!


A variety of lettuce all grown from seeds.

Student with radish

The rich soil on the Elementary Playground produces healthy vegetables.

Making salad

Preparing the salad for other students to try.


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