Families and Staff STEP UP for TELL Once Again

Families and Staff STEP UP for TELL Once Again
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Rachel Grantham


The 'TELL Tokyo Tower Climb' has returned after a two year COVID hiatus! Five Seisen International School teams of four took on the challenge of running or walking and race up the 600 steps to the top of the Tokyo Tower to raise funds for TELL (https://telljp.com/) and show our support for mental health on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022. Our participation in this event supported TELL's efforts to ensure that individuals are aware that they do not need to struggle or fight their mental health issues alone.

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Tokyo Tower Group

Our teams turned up in full force in their Seisen spirit wear to grace the occasion and compete. With our fiery Phoenix spirit, we all raced up the iconic structure in Japan to compete with other schools to obtain the fastest team time. Seisen Pride Team #2 managed to win the overall 'Fastest School Team Time' of 4 mins 57 seconds. Furthermore, Ms.Yuri Sato, one of our Kindergarten Learning Assistants won the 'Fastest Individual Women's Time' of 4 mins and 27 seconds. 

Congratulations to Seisen Pride Team #2 and Ms.Yuri Sato!

Pose with TELL

Seisen Pride Team #2: 4 mins 57 seconds

Top row from left to right (Matt Bloomer and Tara Matuszek)

Bottom row from left to right (Rachel Grantham and Yuri Sato)



Ms. Yuri Sato

Fastest Individual Women's Time: 4 mins 27 seconds

TELL Step Up for Mental Health at Komazawa Park


World Mental Health day (October 10th) saw a total of 132 Seisen International School faculty and sisters, parents, families, and students participating in the TELL Step Up For Mental Health Challenge, making a real difference in people's lives. As a school community, we completed a grand total of 998, 701 steps altogether. The theme of World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10th) this year was 'Creating Hope Through Action' and our actions as a community most definitely supported a global movement of people stepping up to challenge stigmas and raised awareness around mental health. 

This year, Seisen International School was awarded the 'Step Up Awareness Cup' which is given to the school team that has raised the most awareness to fight against suicide and help people feel comfortable talking about mental health. Congratulations to all who participated in the Komazawa Park 'TELL Step Up For Mental Health' and contributed to this win.

Seisen Group at Komazawa

Each year, Seisen International School organises for our staff and faculty to come out to Komazawa Park to 'Step Up For Mental Health' and this year we completed 21,007 steps to honour the 21,007 lives lost to suicide in Japan last year on Saturday, October 8th, 2022. Our Middle School and High School Cross-Country runners participated in the challenge by running 21, 007 steps in a team of four. 

Having our Seisen parents and families join us in this event was a first; hopefully, more Seisen families and students will join us next year. Thank you so much to our Seisen families for joining us in Komazawa Park. We loved seeing you and enjoyed walking with you and your children to 'Step Up For Mental Health' this year. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

The Seisen families who joined us were:

Frain Family (Lily--KG Buttercup)
Oshima Family (Emily--2B)
Luo Family (Mimi Luo--2A)
Ito Family (Karin Ito--2A)
Surrao Family (Samarah--4A)
Sato Family (Ena--4A)
Romero Family (Erina--2A and Meiko--5A)
Ramlakhan Family (Sanjana--5B)
Tanaka Family (Saki--5B)
Tanaka Family (Yutsuki--3A)
Barber Family (Ami Barber--5B)
Kolomafe Family (Kemi Kolomafe--10-2)
Resnick Family (Mia Resnick--10-1)


Thank you to all faculty, sisters, parents, families and students who participated in the TELL Step Up For Mental Health Challenge this year. You have all significantly impacted those around us who need the support, help and strength to continue this fight against mental health stigma and issues.


See you again next year at the 2023 TELL Step Up For Mental Health Challenge at Komazawa Park!

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