Exploring Space and Time with the Fall Play

Exploring Space and Time with the Fall Play
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Vanessa Tolino

On October 8th & 9th Seisen International School and St. Mary’s International School presented WabiSabi Night of One Acts: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’engle adaptation by Morgan Gould and Visit to a Small Planet by Gore Vidal.  Casts and crews of both plays were a combination of students from both schools.  

Matthew Stovall (St. Mary's) directed Visit to a Small Planet and Vanessa Tolino (Seisen) directed A Wrinkle in Time.  Julie Durrett (St. Mary's) managed backstage crews.  Shion Fujiwara (St. Mary's) was the technical director.  


Visit to a Small Planet

Visit to a Small Planet is about Kreton, an alien.  Curious about humans, Kreton goes AWOL from his habitat in outer space to make a flying visit to a small planet: Earth. He parks his spaceship in the backyard of the skeptic and begins an exploration of the human mind which entails creating plans to take over the world.  The family whose house he has taken over must figure out a way to make him stop. 

Characters in pink light

A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time is the story of Meg Murray, a young girl who’s famous physicist father has disappeared.  Along with help from her little sister Charlotte Wallace,  friend Calvin O’Keefe and a trio of intergalactic/dimensional entities, Meg goes on a journey through time and space to save her father who is trapped on a planet controlled by evil powers.  A group students play multiple supporting parts as well as the ensemble. 



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