Energy Security: 4/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"

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Energy Security: 4/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"
MYP Grade 10 Science Class

This Spring the Grade 10 MYP Science Class worked on this Statement of Inquiry:

Sustainability depends on design decisions within the community.

Each group was given the following task:

Design and investigate an environmental factor that is related to our community. 

Today's Feature: ENERGY SECURITY

Eon Marina Sakura

Energy-Optimization of Seisen’s lighting. 

SeungYi, Jiwon, Alexis

We investigated the thermal conductivity of different types of fabric to identify most effective thermal insulator for student clothing during winter season

Inyoung, James

We investigated the effect of colors of different levels reflectivity and different materials on the insulation of the school building during winter.

Making Seisen a Sustainable School Series

Introduction and Biodiversity

Part 1: Solid Domestic Waste

Part 2: Food Waste

Part 3: Air Pollution

Part 4: Energy Security


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