Energy Saving Initiatives Have Satisfying Results

Energy Saving Initiatives Have Satisfying Results
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Environmental Steering Committee

As mentioned at the end of last school year the Seisen Environmental Steering Committee was set in April 2022. 
We are really pleased by the progress that we made so far regarding the unplugging of electrical devices during summer break, the summer air conditioning initiative, and the Eco Station on the school’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Day. 

We would like to share our initial results and the feedback received from our community about one of these initiatives.

Of course, there is still more to do, and we want to thank all of you for your continuous support and help!

Summer Air Conditioning initiative 


A huge thanks for taking the time to check the new hygrometers when using the A/C!  It was an invitation for everyone to pause and think about setting optimum temperatures in rooms!

The results, shown on the graph, are quite satisfying!

Just for August, we saved the equivalent of the monthly consumption of 29 average Japanese households. 

Here are the results of the survey conducted at the end of October:

  • 72% of participants stated that classrooms are kept at 23 oC and above most or all of the time. 
  • 62% noticed that the doors and windows were kept closed even when classrooms were empty.
  • ⅓ of the respondents noticed that the AC was left on at the end of the day.

We did well as a community on our air con initiative. Two major things to improve are:

  1. closing windows and doors when classrooms are empty, and
  2. turning off A/C at the end of last period class.

Thank you for the detailed suggestions on improvement for the summer air-con initiatives! We will incorporate these in next year’s initiative. We will also forward the list of rooms that need to be checked to the maintenance staff.

Please contact us if you have more questions. 

Xiaodan Wang
Greg Wilk


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