Elementary Gardeners Help Support Second Harvest Food Bank

Elementary Gardeners Help Support Second Harvest Food Bank
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Douglas Brittain

Jon Walsh from Business Grow has continued his urban farming lessons withe Elementary students this year. He recently harvested the vegetabkles grwon and took them to Second Harvest Japan. He shared the following report:


"Good news - the harvest and donation to Second Harvest Japan food bank today went really well - well done, team!

I harvested what must have been about 15 kg of vegetables from the gardens this morning, putting it among the 2 largest school garden food donations among the 15+ I’ve made over the years. There was Chinese cabbage, green and sunny lettuces, shungiku (edible Chrysanthemum), mizuna, and loads of mixed baby leaves. 


I took them over to Second Harvest Japan food bank earlier and met the new CEO, Hitomi-san. She was very impressed by the vegetables, said she has never seen the roots of a Chinese cabbage before, and asked me to pass on her thanks to all the girls for growing such amazing fresh food. I thought we would only need one table to put the food on but there was so much food we needed two.

To demonstrate the freshness, I started eating some of the leaves, which made her and her staff member pick up some and do the same…”Oishii!” :-) 2HJ will put the food in their pantry kitchen and give it away to anyone who wants it - virtually instant impact. https://2hj.org/english/

Please be sure to emphasise to the girls the positive impact of what they have done.

Helping put healthy food on plates for people who need it is one of the purest and most impacting forms of social impact out there. 

Thanks for making a difference"

All the best,

Jon Walsh

Business Grow

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