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Debate Team Takes Second Place
Matt Granger

A strong finish in the Kanto Plains Virtual Debate

On Friday, February 12th Seisen's three Varsity Debate teams attended the Kanto Plain Virtual Debate Tournament.

They were tasked with arguing both sides of the motion:
This house believes that International schools perpetuate more exclusion than inclusion.

After three rounds of historically close debating, Seisen teams A (Xinyue Ma, Annie Greer, Dain Lee), B (Sairi Iida, Juwon Ok, Emile Ono) and C (Sunny Saito, Yun Suh Lee, Nidhi Ponkshe) emerged with a second place finish. 

The Seisen team also received four individual speaker awards and an All-Star award for Nidhi Ponkshe. 

Nidhi Ponkshe (10)
Sunny Saito (11)
Sairi Iida  (11)
Emile Ono (11)

Congratulation to the Varsity team for their efforts in preparing for and competing in the tournament. 


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