Covid Protocols August 2022

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Covid Protocols August 2022
Seisen Leadership Team

Update of Covid Protocols as of August 12th, 2022

The Leadership team has reviewed our school protocols and the following modifications are in place for the first weeks of school. Modifications will be reviewed at the end of September.

Temperature Checking prior to school arrival

SIS is now introducing an honor code for Seisen Families to check the temperatures of their children prior to coming to school. Parents will no longer be required to fill in a temperature check chart for their child in the mornings. Thermal cameras at the entrances of the school building will continue to be used, under the supervision of a faculty member.

Faculty and Staff will still need to register their temperature  in the electronic school system.

Mask Wearing

Masks must be worn upon arrival at the school and worn correctly throughout the course of the day. An exception to this rule is the OPTIONAL wearing of masks during outside recess and PE class for students and faculty members.

Choir and instrumental music classes continue with masks and covers

Hand Sanitization

Sinks are being removed in some outdoor areas. Hand sanitizer will continue to be supplied inside and outside of the school. Members of the school community and approved visitors must sanitize their hands before entering the school buildings.

Release Time Protocols

The staggered release times for KG will be in place once more and the KG principal will communicate further on this topic.

Parent Access to the Seisen Campus

We are starting our year off with maintaining restricted access to the campus for parents. We are hoping to open up further in September and allow for parents to watch sports games, host coffee mornings etc.

Informing Seisen

Please contact the school via email in regards to a covid concern. 
Please email the school nurses, divisional principal and your daughter’s/son’s Homeroom teacher.

Please note that in the case of testing a diagnosis of COVID-19, faculty, staff and families are required to inform the school immediately.

1) lf a household member exhibits a fever and / or sore throat and coughing. The person will be allowed to come back to school after all symptoms of the other household member have disappeared. If the symptom is a fever of 37.5C or over, 72 hours fever free without using fever-reducing medication needs to be observed in the affected household member.

2) Should anyone in your household be waiting for the results of a covid test, please keep your child at home.

3) Please contact the school via email immediately in regards to a covid concern. Please write “Potential Covid Situation” in the subject line.

Please email all of the following recipients: School Nurses, Division Principal, and Homeroom Teacher.

Even after the quarantine has been lifted, continue to monitor your health condition, try to avoid visiting people with high risks such as older people and people with underlying illnesses, and avoid high risk areas or socializing in restaurants and cafes and wear a mask always.

Quarantine period if a student staff member  is considered a close contact :

The Health of the student / staff member must be monitored  for 5 days.  Day 1 is considered the next day after being with a  positive person.

If the positive person is living with you, the onset (Day 0) is when the positive person starts having symptoms or when the family starts practicing preventive measurements of infection, whichever comes later.

As a close contact you may be able to end the quarantine on 3rd day of the quarantine period instead of waiting for the 5th day if the following applies to your situation:

No symptoms from Day 0 to Day 5

*Antigen tests on both Day 2 and Day 3 are negative and the student / staff member can return to campus on Day 3

*antigen test kits must be approved by the government.  Here is the list of the antigen test kits the ** the government recommended.


2022 Return to Campus : Further Reading” in the Parent Portal contains details regarding: Immunization Status, Restricted Access, What to do if unwell, What Will Happen If There Is A Case of COVID-19 in the SIS Community?, Health Screening and Hygiene Practices, and more.

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