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Douglas Brittain

In a series of videos shared this week students and teachers reflect on their experiences over the past year. 

During the first week of March one year ago we moved our learning online due to the closing of all schools across Japan. This week we will take a look back at the past year through a series of videos on the Seisen Youtube Channel. Please subscribe to our channel to get updates on these videos and all of the other content we share to help the Seisen Community stay connected. 

The "Coronavirus Time Capsule" videos were planned, recorded and edited by Grade 12 students as part of their IB Diploma Programme CAS project. In the videos they interview members of the Leadership Team, students and teachers about their experiences over the past year. 

To start off our look back on the past year we have re-shared the news report from GZero Media. The American news organization visited Seisen International School in the first weeks of our move to Home Learning. They interviewed some of the few staff who were still on campus about the challenges and uncertainty the Seisen Community was dealing with. 

We continue to pray for those who have suffered, and continue to suffer, from the Coronavirus.

Please continue to follow the advice of medical experts and take care of yourselves and those around you. 

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