Collecting Rice, Building Leadership

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Collecting Rice, Building Leadership
Grade 5 Student Leaders

Elementary Rice Drive

Who we are

Grade 5 leaders are organising an Elementary Rice Drive

About the Seisen Rice Drive

  • Seisen students bring in small bags of rice and it is donated to a local charity in Tokyo who feeds people who are in need of a meal.
  • Seisen tries to do a Rice Drive every year.  
  • The local charities are in desperate need for rice at the moment because not many people have been able to donate rice recently due to Covid 19.

Information students need to know.

  • Bring in 100 - 500 grams of Japanese rice
  • Rice needs to be put in a ziplock bag. 
  • Students give the rice to their homeroom teacher.
  • The rice drive will start on Wednesday September 29th 2021

Important dates

  • Wednesday, September 29th: Student bring rice to homerooms
  • Friday, October 1st: Grade 5 leaders will collect the rice from the homerooms 

About the Charity

  • Missionaries of Charity Brothers
  • Seisen has been supporting this organisation since 1996
  • Before Covid-19 High School travelled to Minami Senju to make and serve curry to the homeless

More about Leadership in Grade 5

Last school year our PYP coordinator Ms. Serrin Smyth shared a few blog posts about the development of the Leadership Program in Grade 5.

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