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Choreographer Alison Cook Beatty Works with Grade 3
Kathy Kampa

Grade 3 explored inventions in dance working with choreographer Alison Cook Beatty.

What is it like to invent in dance? Seisen’s Grade 3 students have been connecting their classroom ideas about inventions through time with ways to create dances. On Tuesday, February 9th, they had the opportunity to explore inventions in dance by working with choreographer Alison Cook Beatty.

Students explored the concept of improvisation, an important part of choreography. Improvisation strategies are the building blocks of dance choreography and create a mindset for generating ideas. Using these strategies, students were able to start choreographing dances.

In each 50-minute session, students came away with many new ideas. 

Students dance with teacher on screen

Alison wrote, “I would explain an improvisational game, and they would then explore that with their bodies, and "paint" a picture for me to see in space.
They were not shy, and for young girls to have fun with this, be ok to explore in front of each other, something they have never done, with someone they have never met, over Zoom, takes a lot of courage! 
I was very proud of these young girls for being so brave, and I was honored for them to trust me to lead them through this class."

When asked about new things the students learned, students shared the following reflections.

"There are no mistakes, everything is correct." Yoshina

"I can make mistakes I just have to dance fun! Also I could make choreography by dancing different actions and doing it with a group." Karen

This was not Alison's first experience dancing with Seisen students. One current member of the Alison Cook Beatty Dance Company is 2011 Seisen Alumn Fiona Oba. 

After the workshops Alison sent a message to the students, "I would simply just like to send my heartfelt gratitude to the school, to Ms. Kampa, to Ms. Oba and to the girls for having me. I had such a wonderful time with all of you and it was such an honor. I smile to think maybe one day one of the girls, just as Fiona Oba, 2011 alumnae, perhaps will be dancing with me in Alison Cook Beatty Dance! keep making dances and always hold your love of arts close to your heart."

Students Dancing

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