Celebrating First Holy Communion

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Celebrating First Holy Communion
Suzanne Holguin

A first for Eight Students

Eight Seisen students made their First Holy Communion on Saturday May 8th. Their parents were in attendance to celebrate this Catholic Church Sacrament that allows the students to now participate fully in the sacred Mass. Father Leo Schumacher was the celebrant and all the Seisen Sisters were in attendance for this special time for our students. The students participated with liturgical dance and their parents also played a special role with the readings during the Mass. 


Preparing for their First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation (First Confession) was an eight week ordeal that included taking a closer look at the Mass and understanding the concept of transubstantiation (the conversion of the substance of the Eucharistic elements into the body and blood of Christ at consecration, only the appearances of bread and wine still remaining) which in Grade 3 can be a very difficult concept without grace and faith in understanding.

Priest at altar

Welcoming Our New Members

We are very proud of the spirit the girls brought to this special celebration and continue to pray that their participation in the sacraments will continue throughout their years at Seisen and thereafter. Congratulations to the eight new members of the Seisen community!

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