CAS Students Help Children and Women in India and Bangladesh

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CAS Students Help Children and Women in India and Bangladesh
Maria Kinoshita, Mia Kamikubo, and Emilie Ono
Students at market

We (Maria Kinoshita, Mia Kamikubo, and Emilie Ono) have been working to support women’s education in India and Bangladesh by selling spices in our local community at a neighborhood market (we’ve had five markets so far). We also sell them within the school community (to your faculty), and we’d like to expand our sales.

The spices are directly sent to us from an organization called ESA, standing for Education Sponsorship in Asia.

This organization helps children and women in India and Bangladesh to receive an education that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. We also handed out pamphlets written in English and Japanese so that we could educate the customers buying the spices about what cause they are supporting through their purchases.

So far, we’re already very happy with what we’ve accomplished; we’ve raised over ¥200,000 in total to send to the organization. However, we want to continue the actions we’re currently undertaking in order to make a lasting impact. 

Our goals from now on are to continue our in-school sales once to twice a month as well as seeking a wider audience. We may also want to make our own social media account in order to post important updates, information about us and the ESA organization. Our overall goal is to interconnect our community with the ESA community. 

We will notify you when our next round of spices will be on sale. (We will send a google form to order on.) 


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