Bicycle Safety from Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Metropolitan Police Department

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Student on bike helped by teacher
Douglas Brittain

The Traffic Safety Section from the Office for Promotion of Citizend Safety at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gopvernemt has recently published a leaflet titled "Did You Know?: Japanese Traffic Rules and Manners" The leaflet is available in five languages from the link below. The information clarifies information about mandatory accident insurance for cyclists, as well as helmet use and traffic rules. 

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Promote comprehensive measures for bicycle safety

Society as a whole will promote the safe and proper use of bicycles based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Promotion of Safe and Appropriate Use of Bicycles, which clarifies rules to be followed by bicycle users and the roles of the actors such as government, businesses and families.

 ※ We have created and distributed a "bicycle safety leaflet" in Japanese and English that describes how to ride a bicycle safely. Chinese
   (simplified and traditional) and Korean versions are also posted on the website.

English Leaflet for Parents (English)
Traffic Safety
Traffic Safety

Download Parent Leaflet

English Leaflet for Children (English)

Bike Safety
Bike safety

Download Child Leaflet

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