An Entirely New and Invigorating Drama Experience

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An Entirely New and Invigorating Drama Experience
Robert Gramham

For a few weeks now, students from Grades 7-11 and some teachers have been working hard on a production of William Shakespeare's iconic romantic comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream which will be performed from November 1-5.

Drama and English Teacher Mr. Graham had a vision to present a version of this play to student audiences by performing it in the Elementary School playground and on the jungle gym there. Not only does this allow the audience, performers and crew to be socially distanced outside, there are probably very few students who have ever seen a performance outdoors at Seisen. It will be an entirely new and invigorating experience for everyone.

Mr. Graham said: "There is a huge amount of artistic, performing and organisational talent at Seisen that has been sadly under-utilised in recent times due to the Covid situation. What better way to pull us out of the doldrums and to give these young students an opportunity to play in fresh air and to cooperate on a production of one of the most popular plays of all time!"

There are 25 students in the cast and about the same number who are working on posters, hair and makeup and stage management. Art teacher Ms. Kotowich is overseeing props and masks, while Head of Fine Arts Mr. Jones is busily designing and constructing costumes.

Just a few of the initial prop and costume ideas from Ms. Kotowich.


Student and teacher perform

The style of our production is very modern - not your traditional fairies, nobles and lovers. The story of young love, rejection, acceptance and redemption will be presented in an energetic and surprising way to audiences of students from Grades 5 through 12.

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of Seisen Drama presenting plays and performances in what we call "found spaces". Maybe the Green Top next? Hopefully, also, this vibrant production will encourage younger students to see just how wonderful and life-affirming are drama and the theatre, and to provoke their interest in choosing the subject when it's offered.

A Midsummer Night's Dream will leave audiences in a wonderfully happy mood, as well as encouraging them to think about their place in the world and how we all relate to each other. Truly, a play for the moment.

When: November 1-5 2021 
Where: Elementary School Playground


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