Air Pollution: 3/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"

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Air Pollution: 3/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"
MYP Grade 10 Science Class

This Spring the Grade 10 MYP Science Class worked on this Statement of Inquiry:

Sustainability depends on design decisions within the community.

Each group was given the following task:

Design and investigate an environmental factor that is related to our community. 

Today's Feature: AIR POLLUTION

Kitty Maya Miyabi

 We will investigate: How much carbon emissions each member of Seisen is producing from their emails.

Kate Natsuki

Our objective was to investigate the issue of air pollution by testing the air quality levels and relative amounts of ozone around our school campus using Ozone Test Strips. We experimented on the KG Gate, Main Gate, Green Top, ES Hallway, and Courtyard.


A Study of Air Pollution: Ozone Concentrations around ES Playground and Parking Lot Areas

Kohko, Momoka, Rina
We investigated air pollution within Seisen, focusing on the ES playground and Parking Lot ozone concentrations. In our investigation of ozone concentrations around said areas, we have observed and reported the potential harm that current levels of ozone concentrations around said areas may pose.

Rina, Mono, Amy

Measuring Air Pollution (ground-level ozone) around Seisen --Measuring Air Pollution (ground-level ozone) around Seisen   -- We investigated the different ground-level ozone concentrations around Seisen, indoors and outdoors. We found from our experiement using ozone test strips that the outdoor parking lot area had the highest concentrations. We predicted this was due to its proximity to the highway and hence posed some solutions to make our school environment more safe. 

Charlotte, Erica

We investigated the air pollution produced by the Seisen boiler room by using ozone test strips, that we had made ourselves.

Making Seisen a Sustainable School Series

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