A-Team Season and Success! 2023 Middle School Soccer

A-Team Season and Success! 2023 Middle School Soccer
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Rachel Grantham
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The Seisen International School Middle School Soccer A-Team started the season in November, and we saw many soccer enthusiasts try out for the A-Team, which was superb. We selected a team of twelve exceptionally talented athletes in their own right and started providing a platform for these players to flourish on the soccer field. We worked extremely hard to be among the most competitive teams in the Middle School Soccer A-Team league through sheer hard work and determination. Each training session was filled with drills to consolidate the basics and develop the fitness, skill level and tenacity required to excel in the game. We started the season by scoring 10-0 against Yokohama International School and won six games against all other schools thereafter.

We maintained our strength and standings in the league going into the Middle School Soccer A-Team tournament. This tournament was designed for the top four teams in the league, and we eventually ended up playing Sacred Heart International School in the 2nd/3rd place playoffs to determine which school would be in the finals. After a 0-0 draw at full time, we went into penalty kicks (PKs), and eventually, we scored the winning goal to make it into the 1st/2nd finals against ASIJ. 


Our players were highly focused and gave their all playing in the finals. Although we were not victorious, we still fought hard and held our heads up high as we walked off the field at full-time. For the first time in the history of Seisen International School, our Middle School Soccer A-Team not only won six games back to back but made it to the finals, fighting for a first-place championship title. We are so proud of every player on this team, and congratulations once again!

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