Take 21, 081 steps to honour the 21, 081 lives lost to suicide last year in Japan
Parent Sessions About IBDP Build Partnerships
What is Catholic education?
Hear Seisen Alumni Voices in Theaters Now
Intercultural Competencies.
GM+IC at a Catholic School - is that truly possible?
Decolonising the Curriculum - global knowledge and skills
What is an international education?
New Playground Brings a World of Opportunities
CIS/NEASC Re-Accreditation Update
WNBA Weekend for Ms. Brittany
Loving to Learn in the MYP
University Visits Help Students Plan for the Future
Sister Manuela Infused the Kitchen and Cafeteria with Energy and Joy (1929-2021)
Happy 100th Birthday Sister Asuncion!
CAS Students Help Children and Women in India and Bangladesh
Lots of Love for the New Look Library
Grade 11 Students Dive Into CAS
Generous Donations Thrill Music Students
STEP UP! For Mental Health
Student Artists Create a Beautiful Year
Staff Unpack the Seisen Definition of Learning
100% Pass Rate for Seisen IB Diploma Students
2021 Seisen DP Candidate Success
Seisen Celebrates the Tokyo Paralympics


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Douglas Brittain

Communications & PR Coordinator
What is Catholic education?

What are the cornerstones of Catholic education? This blog draws upon Catholic school teaching pertaining to the role of a Catholic school. It provides a brief explanation of the expectation of service such schools must provide to their local communities. It reaffirms the centrality of parents/guardians as the primary educators of their children.

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Intercultural Competencies.

What exactly is intercultural competency? How does it differ from global mindedness? How can we, as international educators, use IC to enable meaningful and inclusive education in our classrooms?

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