Energy Security: 4/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"
Air Pollution: 3/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"
Food Waste: 2/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"
Solid Domestic Waste: 1/4 "Making Seisen a Sustainable School"
Making Seisen a Sustainable School: MYP Year5 Grade 10 Science Investigation Series
'Embracing Diversity': Middle School Inter-House Dance Competition
Congratulations to the SIS Community for Maintaining Accreditation Status
How Cuddly Crochet Octos Help Raise Money For TELL
How to Educate Children for Gender Equality
MS StuCo Supports Our Sister School Through Walkathon
Seisen Composers Shine in New Festival
College Research Process Aided by Online Fair
Big Science Day Online 2022
Actions You Can Take Towards Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment
A Great Fit for Students Familiar with an International Environment: Alumni Career Talk on Hospitality Management
Civil Wars and Blindspots
Grade 12 Students Reflect on CAS
Seisen Model United Nations Collaborates with St. Mary's MUN
A Helping Hand for Ai Linh Love School in Vietnam
Inviting the Seisen Community to Design our 60th Anniversary Logo
How to beat procrastination to study for the DP exams
Meet our TEDx Speakers
Meet the Seisen Cast of GODSPELL
Students and Staff Run to Support Their House teams
We pray for all those seeking sanctuary attempting to flee Ukraine


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Keeping Seisen Connected

Douglas Brittain

Communications & PR Coordinator
How to Educate Children for Gender Equality

Several parents in our community have asked for more information or support on how to model, encourage, educate, and parent their daughter/child in a way that promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

Read More about How to Educate Children for Gender Equality
College Research Process Aided by Online Fair

Due to the pandemic, students missed out on in person university visits and this invaluable opportunity has allowed Seisen students and parents to connect with admissions and find out more about different universities. 

Read More about College Research Process Aided by Online Fair