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Karen Okano

The quality of our photos has significantly improved and we have used the cameras to take pictures of various sports games, concerts, and our Seisen community.

Every year, SPA sponsors numerous school projects, trips and activities to benefit our students. This would not have been possible without the generous donations by you!!

Last year, SPA donated new cameras which are used for various students’ activities across the entire school, one example being the yearbook photos. We would like to share with you a thank you message from the Yearbook Committee:

"We are Jiyu and Zarah, representatives of the Yearbook committee as head photographers. With SPA’s generous donations, we have captured memories of our school life with our brand-new Nikkon cameras! The quality of our photos has significantly improved and we have used the cameras to take pictures of various sports games, concerts, and our Seisen community. It is even more special as we get to use the cameras to take stunning photos in honor of Seisen’s 60th Anniversary."


SPA needs you and your support means everything to us!!

Even the smallest amount of contribution can make a big difference in enriching our students’ education.

Find out more on SPA’s activities and ways to contribute at

SPA Newsletters

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SPA Newsletter June 2023
Karen Okano

A big thank you for your generous support throughout the year and we look forward to your continued support for SPA!

Mr. Magicio's show at KG
Akiko Nishiura

It was remarkable to see and hear the non-stop laughter of the children as they watched the show.

SPA Spring Luncheon 2023
Karen Okano

It is not often that one has the opportunity to see such a versatile performances from ES to HS all at once.

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day 2023
Karen Okano

On April 10th, Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day was held in the Teacher’s Cafeteria to recognize and appreciate the teachers and staff of Seisen, for their dedication and hard work.

SPA Newsletter April 2023
Karen Okano

In many ways, it has been like a “long awaited spring” for SPA as actives and events came back gradually after a three-year hiatus...SPA is happy and proud to present the Spring Luncheon on April 21st.

Cafe Noel 2022
Masako Tanaka

This year's market was participated by 18 booths from on and off the campus. We also had several student-organized event booths, including an entry from SASA.

Setagaya Nature Gems
Karen Okano

Sounds of the babbling brook and the rustling leaves, the gentle sun rays shining down, the sight and smell of the mossy rocks are all soothing recipes for our busy minds.

SPA Newsletter  February 2023
Akiko Nishiura

With activities and events gradually back in full swing, we hope to reach out more and enrich the community in many ways

Seisen Hoodie FUNDRAISER 2022 Last Chance!
Akiko Nishiura

Please support our school and show your "SEISEN PRIDE" by buying our new Seisen Hoodies!  We are accepting pre-orders from Thursday, December 8th to Thursday, December 15th.  This is the last chance to purchase the exclusive colors for SPA Fall/Winter 2022's Collection in Ash and Navy! 

SPA Newsletter November 2022
Akiko Nishiura

Blessed with lovely weather, the festival was a big success, attended by current students and their families, alumni and families, and staff/ faculty members and families. In accordance with the “new normal” lifestyle, we saw a number of changes in the management of the festival for more convenience and to show our care for the environment.

Golden Memories of SPA Through The Years
Karen Okano

Seisen has a long tradition of parent involvement since the 1960’s. A parents’ group was born as the “Mothers' Club”, known later on as the “SIS Mothers Association”, and has now become the Seisen Parents Association (SPA), diversely involving fathers, mothers and guardians of our students!

Welcome New Families!
Kana Sato

SPA was very excited to meet the new parents who joined Seisen this school year at the Welcome New Families Social last Saturday, hosted by the school.