"Seisen 60th Anniversary Exclusive Alumni Interviews" Vol.2 Francesca Corrias
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Akiko Nishiura

Showing kindness, supporting others and doing the right thing are part of having good character.  Most importantly, please thank your parents for choosing Seisen for you!

Francesca Corrias

I am from Rome, Italy, and I was at Seisen from 1973-1979.  I did not graduate from Seisen as we moved back to Rome in my senior year.  I attended Georgetown University in Washington DC and was in international banking in Europe until my family was transferred to the United States. When we were transferred to Japan in 2015, my daughter attended Seisen and graduated in 2017.  She majored in Honors Chemistry at the University of St Andrews and is now pursuing a PhD in Switzerland.  I currently live in the United States with my husband.


Interviewer Karen Okano

  • What is your favorite school memory?

My favorite school memory is, generally speaking, that of walking in front of Sr. Asuncion’ office and getting called in for a chat.  Sister’s office was between the infirmary and the main office, and any time a student would walk past her always-open office door, she would call her in for a chat.  She always had time for us, no matter what she was doing, and she took the time to find out how we were doing and get the “pulse” of her girls.  I still smile when I think of how good that made me feel.


  • How would you describe yourself as a child?

I think I was rather shy and a bit reserved.  I was never a groupie, which actually allowed me to fit in very well at Seisen.  The school encouraged individuality and independent thought, but not at the expense of camaraderie.


  • What sets Seisen apart from others?

Seisen was unique among international schools in Japan in that its students felt they belonged to a family - that they were part of a family.  That sense of belonging and being a part of something instilled confidence in us and a desire to succeed to make our school proud.  This is why we were so successful in competitions with other schools - we were capable, we were confident, and we had heart.


  • What types of careers are popular amongst Seisen graduates?

I went into international banking, but I’m not familiar with the specific career paths of my classmates.  I do know, however, that those paths are quite varied, from education to business to non-profits.  The education we received at Seisen opened us up to pursue anything we wanted.


  • What advice would you give to a Seisen student?

I would advise Seisen students to understand and appreciate the quality of the Seisen curriculum and its teachers.  Seisen has always prioritized high quality education and puts great emphasis on finding the best teachers for its programs.  That sets you up for success (and very high expectations) wherever you go.  Try to appreciate it while you’re there, not just after you’ve left.  A Seisen education is tough, but it will make everything else much easier.

Thank you Francesca Corrias!

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