SPA Financial Report 2021-2022
Akiko Nishiura

SPA Financial Report 2021-2022


SPA Events Income Expenses Net Income
Second-Hand Uniform Sales ¥543,900   ¥543,900
School Logo Items Sales※1 ¥1,818,800 ¥1,016,313 ¥802,487
Donations※2 ¥18,937 ¥115,261 (¥96,324)
Interest Income ¥87   ¥87
Advertisement Income ¥20,000   ¥20,000
Other Expenses※3   ¥98,098 (¥98,098)
Funding Support to School (2021-2022) ※4   ¥1,349,062 (¥1,349,062)
Funding Support to School (2020-2021)※5   ¥115,668 (¥115,668)
SPA total income/expenses ¥2,401,724 ¥2,694,402 (¥292,678)
SPA funds from 2021 ¥10,211,254    
SPA funds for 2022-2023     ¥9,918,576


※ All the funding support expenses mentioned below will be withdrawn next school year
ES Diversity Books \400,000 / Cameras for Yearbook \700,000 / Disney Resort Outing for MS & HS \1,000,000 KG Reflection Party \5,240 / G8 Celebration \32,163 / HS Graduation Flower \15,400 / HS Graduation Gift \185,000

※1 School logo items net sales Hoodie Sale : \912,000 T-shirt Sale : \604,000 Logo Items Sale : \42,800 Eco Bag Sale : \260,000 (will be donated to unicef for Ukraine) Expenses include cost of goods and packaging : \1,016,313

※2 Donations WWF (Climate Change T-shirt Sales) \43,560 / Typhoon 19 (in 2019) \71,701

※3 Other Expenses (including SPA administrative fees) Christmas Cookies for Staff Appreciation Luncheon \50,770 Flowers for Sister Asuncion's 100th Birthday \10,450 & BD Card \528 Memorial Flowers for Ms. Sung Hee \6,050 * SPA Administrative Fees Canva Premium (Aug. 2021 - Feb.2022) \10,500 SPA Stamp ×5 \19,800

※4 Funding Support to School (2021-2022) New Stage System \1,000,000 KG Christmas Books \188,150 (for 125 students) MS/HS Ice Cream Bash \60,912 HS Prom \100,000

※5 Funding Support to School (2020-2021) G5 End of Year Party \37,768 G5 PYP Exhibition T-shirts \77,900


SPA Major Funding Supports for Past Five Academic Years

・New Stage System    ・Christmas Books for 125 Students (KG)

・3 Thermal Cameras    ・Christmas Books for 135 Students (KG)

・12 Pack of Sphero Robots (ES)    ・Board Games for Rainy Day Recess (ES)    ・New Books for Class Library (ES)    ・Christmas Tree and Ornaments in the Cafeteria

・New Sound System in the Gym    ・Live Streaming Equipment    ・New Books for Class Library (ES)    ・New Camera for Club Activities (MS)

・Coin Sorting, Counting, Wrapping Machine    ・50 iPad Devices (ES)    ・The Door for Cafeteria Storage    ・New Books for Class Library (ES)

Treasurer Committee

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SPA Newsletter June 2022
Akiko Nishiura

Congratulations on completing another successful year at school and I hope it has been an enjoyable and fruitful experience for you and your children.

Book Swap
Akiko Nishiura

Besides the community building purpose, the small gesture of "give a book, take a book" hopefully gently reminded our kindergarten parent community of Seisen's pledge to support the 7 Rs of Sustainability and promote reading with their children.

Ice Cream Bash
Akiko Nishiura

The first event-except second hand uniform sales- that SPA held on the campus since spring 2020!

Graduation Gifts
Akiko Nishiura

SPA was thrilled to prepare gift cards in a lovely personalized package for our graduates.

SPA Needs YOU!
SPA Nominations

Positions opening up for new ideas and new people.

Staff Appreciation
Kelly / MS Liaison

Please feel free to add your personal thanks next time you see a member of the Seisen Staff family.

Tumeric milk
Mrs. Vandana Mahajan SPA HS Liason

Combination of ginger and carrot makes it a great immunity booster soup.

Seisen Hoodie Sale 2021
Logo Items Committee

Show your "SEISEN PRIDE" by ordering our new Seisen Hoodies before November 19th.