Firebird Science & Innovation Team

The Seisen Firebird team is currently working on improving the school’s environment. Our aim is to improve the sustainability of our school, in order for the students in Seisen to have a more sustainable, yet safer environment. 

About the Seisen Firebird Team

The Seisen Firebird Team originating from the Seisen Big Science Day established itself as the international experimental-science competitive team formed to enter international science competitions and to strengthen science in Seisen. Seisen Firebird team's objective is to give the students in Seisen to learn and pursue science to a higher level in a local and international environment.

In this year's Seisen Firebird Team, there are 14 members from diverse grades. Previously, we are focusing on sustainability and the school's environment. The current Seisen Firebird team is divided into two group, which are called, "SORA" and, "UMI." Team SORA focuses on improving the energy source in Seisen, while team UMI is working on upgrading Seisen's learning environment and the empty spaces.

Seisen Firebird Team Members


 Team SORA is focusing on the energy source in Seisen. Throughout investigation, team SORA noticed that the energy sources currently used in Seisen were non-renewable, which does not support the development of a sustainable society. After considering alternatives, team SORA has decided that the installation of solar panel is the best solution, as it is beneficial for both the environment and the school. The Current status of team SORA is investigating on the environmental impacts, cost returns, and overall efficiency of solar paneling. In looking into sustainable energy sourcing, they have focused on where the potential solar panels and poles should be installed, at the moment, team SORA's plan is to light the kindergarten pathway to the south Entrance, and Main gate.

Team UMI

Team UMI is working on upgrading Seisen's learning environment and the empty spaces. They have looked into multiple studies about the relation of air quality, light intensity, and tempering regarding human health. From the recent outbreak of COVID-19, team UMI was deeply concerned regarding the Seisen learning environment and the empty spaces. Now, the increased amount of time spent in the classroom every day with poor environmental qualities negatively affecting the wellbeing of both students and teachers. Throughout the investigation, team UMI figured that it would be best if the school were aware of the learning space qualities in each of our classrooms by utilizing a measuring tool called, "Learnometer." This Learnometer is constant monitoring of the CO2, temperature, light, sound, humidity, and PM2 level which allows us to examine and analyze specific areas of classroom.

Weather Station

Over the past few years, Firebird has helped the younger generation to further their data analyses skills. This year, 6 Freshmen from Firebird taught the 4th grade students about the weather station in Seisen. Due to COVID-19, the 4th grade students were unable to goon their field trip this year. Thus having a local field trip to our roof top. 

The Firebird split up into two groups, one dedicated to data analysis, and the other to the explanation of the weather station. In doing so, we reviewed sustainability, the effects of climate change, and the implication of technology towards the future.