Firebird Science & Innovation Team

The Seisen Firebird team is currently working on improving the school’s environment. Our aim is to improve the sustainability of our school, in order for the students in Seisen to have a more sustainable, yet safer environment. 

About the Seisen Firebird Team

The Seisen Firebird Team originating from the Seisen Big Science Day established itself as the international experimental-science competitive team formed to enter international science competitions and to strengthen science in Seisen. Seisen Firebird team's objective is to give the students in Seisen to learn and pursue science to a higher level in a local and international environment.

In this year's Seisen Firebird Team, there are 14 members from diverse grades. Previously, we are focusing on sustainability and the school's environment. The current Seisen Firebird team is divided into two group, which are called, "SORA" and, "UMI." Team SORA focuses on improving the energy source in Seisen, while team UMI is working on upgrading Seisen's learning environment and the empty spaces.

Firebird 2022-23 Teams