Big Science Day

Welcome to Big Science Day at Seisen International School

This year our students were able to create and develop a wide variety of projects: 

Scroll the STEM-based projects pursued by the members of Seisen's elite Firebird science team. 

Team DisPatch

The DisPatch, is an aptly-named patch that addresses rising cases of unnoticed and unattended elderly solitary death. Elderly solitary death, well-known in Japanese as “kodokushi”, the phenomenon of elderly residents passing away alone and going undiscovered for months to years has become a mainstream topic of discussion within the past decade. As populations grow old around the world, the dispatch we propose is tiny but mighty. With pulse detection technology alongside bluetooth mechanisms, the ability to reach relevant local authorities amidst a labor shortage crisis provides a safety net for our user, our user’s family members, while proving to be cost effective to the local government.

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Although it is self explanatory that solar energy can potentially revolutionize renewable energy usage to tackle climate change, current solar farms lose 85% of their potential energy because of dust exposure. Therefore, our team developed el-sol, an electrocleaner that automatically removes dust from the solar panel every night using electrostatic biasing, a waterless and energy-efficient process. The machine implements an aluminum bar attached to a conductive track in conjunction with heat-resistant and transparent fluoride-doped tin oxide coating, ensuring durability without hindering energy production. Furthermore, solar panel efficacy is monitored via an energy output detection device, allowing remote functionality. This product has the potential to improve solar panel efficiency by up to 25%, allowing individual solar panels to provide more energy, reducing annual overall greenhouse gas emissions from energy by 300,000 pounds.

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Project Mycelium

Our product is a garbage can where mushrooms consume single-waste plastics without causing any harmful carbon emissions. 

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Team Doorline

Our team has been working on developing an extension to house entrance doors, which will help people escape during emergency situations such as floods. We thought of this idea, because in a situation of floods or other natural disasters, one of the main causes of death is because people cannot escape their own house due to the blockage of doors. Therefore we thought of a system that can measure the pressure of doors and trigger an alarm when reaching a dangerous amount of pressure that will soon not be able to open with human power. This way, people can act fast and escape before their path to life will be blocked. 

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Algae TestEr

Our innovation mainly focuses on addressing the issue of algae blooms in order to provide a suitable marine environment for marine life to survive, provide humans with clean water, as well as boost economic growth in the region. Our product is an automatic AI driven machine that consists of 5 main parts. An AI compartment with its rechargeable battery, a siphoner, a water drainage compartment, a storage compartment and propellers. It works to exterminate algae blooms and make it clear enough for water treatment with copper-sulfate and oxygen tablets. 

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Special thanks go to science department teachers: 

Ms. Emanita Alatini (MYP Science, Firebird Supervisor)

Mr. Shaun Bucklaschuk (MYP Science, DP Physics)

Ms. Tara Matuszek (MYP Design, Computer Science)

Ms. Xiaodan Wilk (MYP Design, DP Chemistry)

Mr. Greg Wilk (MYP Science, DP Environmental Science Studies)

Mr. Doug Brittain (Communications & PR Coordinator)

Mr. Charles Cabiles (DP Biology, Firebird Supervisor, Science Head of Department)

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