Mary Chu (1981)

1) What are your fondest memories of Seisen International School?

Every memory of Seisen is wonderful which includes the Sisters, my friends, teachers, staff, classes, participating in extracurricular activities, and being involved at school.  What they all have in common is that as a child and student, I knew that I belonged at Seisen.  As students, we always accepted each other even for our differences in culture, religion, and opinions.  We didn’t judge and were never judged.  I’m grateful to my parents for choosing Seisen for me since Seisen is a big part of who I am today. 

2) How did your education at Seisen influence your career path?

Other than receiving an excellent education from Seisen, the moral education at Seisen also prepared me for any career.  My mentor and great teachers taught me discipline, hard work, leadership, and to make good decisions.  They taught me right from wrong. 

3) What life advice would you give current students?

Please don’t forget your Seisen values.  Be grateful for all you have received.  Respect your teachers as they guide your learning and inspire you to take on new challenges.  Honor your parents with gratitude and respect.

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