Amelia Juhl (1998)

1) What are your fondest memories of Seisen International School?

There are too many to recount, but what bubbles to the surface is that I was learning shoulder-to-shoulder with students and teachers of so many cultures and backgrounds. Seisen provided a safe, supportive environment where it came naturally for us to respect and celebrate our cultural differences while at the same time recognizing the “oneness of the human race.” Viewing the Seisen Carol Night and the candlelight ceremony today can bring tears to my eyes. We were decades ahead of the current Diversity & Inclusion movements we see in businesses and communities today. 


2) How did your education at Seisen influence your career path?

Seisen developed in me a love of teamwork. From 8-years on the Seisen Volleyball team to harmonizing in the Seisen Choir and senior acapella to participating in Multiple Speech and Musicals, I developed a love for collaborating and working in teams to pursue something greater than you can ever be or accomplish on your own. I think that is why I sought a multidisciplinary and collaborative work environment such as the one at my current job at IDEO. Seisen also taught me to be humble and always find ways to give to others. That is why my current interest is in pursuing Sustainable Business strategies and using my experience to consult businesses to achieve designs that are better for business, community, and the environment. 


3) What life advice would you give current students?

Seisen is a special place that I missed dearly once I left it. The world is not such a utopia, and it doesn’t come naturally for people to appreciate and celebrate differences as we do at Seisen. I spent years seeking and establishing a similar environment to Seisen for myself. Take in all the love that Seisen has to offer now, carry it inside of you, and spread this gold standard of love and community that you’ve experienced for other organizations in your future. 

About Amelia

Amelia is a Design Research Lead at IDEO Tokyo. Raised in a multicultural community in Tokyo, she thrives on having open-minded conversations with people that alert her to her own blind spots -- which is her fuel for new ideas.

Amelia brings more than 15 years of experience leading creative projects of all sizes, and moves comfortably from research to ideation, and strategy to execution. At IDEO, she has worked on projects such as redesigning medical products for the elderly, new beauty experiences for millennials, and systemic redesigns for agriculture. Previously, she worked as a strategic planner on brands such as Nissan, Microsoft, Unilever and P&G.

Amelia graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where she designed her own degree in International Relations.

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