Seisen Singers Shine at KPASS Competition
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Our singers at Seisen had a fantastic weekend at the Kanto Plains Association of Secondary Schools (KPASS) Vocal Solo and Ensemble Competition.

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Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Tuition & Fees

School Fees 2019-2020


Application FEE

                                    ¥ 20,000


Registration Fee



¥ 300,000


Land and
Building Development


¥ 500,000


Annual Fees


Building Maintenance



¥ 100,000


Tuition Kindergarten Half Day


Kindergarten Full Day




Middle School


High School




Additional Fees

Grade 12 Graduation Fee    ¥21,000

IB Exams (per subject)        ¥20,000

Bus and School Trip Costs Below


The Value of Seisen


Scholarships may be granted to students whose parents are employed by companies that join this plan. Please contact the accounting office for further information.

Payment Details


Tuition and other fees are for one academic year unless stated otherwise. Attendance for any portion of a quarter will require payment for the entire quarter. Invoices are mailed home.

All fees*1 are paid by bank transfer or check (cash and credit cards are not accepted). Wire transfers should be made to individual account numbers assigned to each student (referenced on invoice). 
*1 Regarding application fee, please refer to "APPLICATION FEE " TAB.

Applicable only for international wire transfers

Remit to:
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Tamagawa Branch
Ordinary Account # 4076962
Account Name: Seisen International School
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT

*All bank charges (inside and outside of Japan) are the responsibility of the payer. The amount is payable in addition to the amount of the school fees.


Tuition and school bus fee refunds are made on a quarterly basis by bank transfer. The school must receive a request for a refund in writing before the first day of the following quarter to be eligible for a refund.


Payable by June 30, 2018.

Only the tuition fee and school bus fee may be paid in two installments.

The second payment is due by January 10, 2019.



Application Fee (nonrefundable) is paid by (A) bank transfer to the bank account listed below (indicate your child's name and use the code APPF) or (B) with a U.S. dollar check made out to Seisen International School in the amount of $200.00 enclosed with the application form. Receipts are issued and mailed upon payment.

Remit to:
Seisen International School
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Tamagawa branch
Ordinary account # 4076962
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT



A nonrefundable once-only payment of ¥300,000 immediately upon acceptance to Seisen.

Building Development

A one time Land and Building Development payment of ¥500,000 for new students upon acceptance. Attendance of any portion of the school year makes it nonrefundable.

Bank Transfers

All fees should be paid by bank transfer or check (cash and credit cards not accepted). Wire transfers should indicate the child's name in English and ID number (or individual account number) to avoid unidentifiable remitter.
*All bank charges (inside/outside of Japan) are the responsibility of the payee. The amount is payable in addition to the amount of the school fees.

Delinquent Payments

In cases of serious payment delinquency, class attendance will be suspended. Release of grades, transcripts, and other records of attendance and performance will be withheld.

Additional Fee Details

School Bus

Reservations for school bus should be made as early as possible with the school office.

Please contact Ms Yukawa at

Cost for the year

One Way: ¥ 170,000

Both Ways: ¥ 300,000

School Trips

Fees for major field studies which are part of the curricula in Grades 6-12.

Grade 6: Nikko (¥30,000)

Grade 7: Hakuba Ski Trip (¥65,000)

Grade 8: Hiroshima Historical Trip (¥55,000)

Grade 9: Nagano Cultural Exchange (¥15,000)

Grade 10: Kyoto Trip (¥55,000)

Grade 11: Student Success - Canyons Trip (¥45,000)

Grade 12: Developing Mindsets Trip (Price tbd)

Accident Insurance

From August 1, 2018 or the day following the payment of tuition in case of a delay or late registration, students are covered by a special Seisen insurance policy till July 31, 2019.

A school-insured student is covered as follows:
a) Personal Accident (school functions/activities) all-risk with medical reimbursement up to ¥1,000,000.
b) Death and dismemberment up to ¥3,000,000.

School Lunch

School Lunch is available on site through Cezars Kitchen™.

Please contact them directly for questions and account set-up.