Girls’ School Graduates Have a Clear Edge Over Coeducated Peers

Reflecting on the totality of the findings, the researchers noted, “these statistically significant results demonstrate differences in areas of critical importance in the twenty-first century for women as they enter university and beyond, thus emphasizing the contribution of all-girls schooling for women’s success.”

Traffic Safety around Seisen

The start of the new school year is a great time to review the traffic safety guidelines around Seisen. This guide covers School Zone road closures, gate opening times and parking guidelines. Let's keep every member child safe.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Agents of Positive Change

Inspired by our driving spirit  of “Learning to Love, and Loving to Learn”, we are committed to service and social justice, and to making a positive difference in the lives of others and in the environment. We have the courage to navigate new possibilities, skills and resources in a dynamic, ongoing learning experience. In the Spirit of St. Raphaela, we have a vision of where we want to go as we move into the future together. We challenge the conventional social and cultural patterns of our time and empower future leaders. We seek out and explore concepts, ideas and issues that have personal, local and global significance. We apply thinking skills critically and creatively to approach complex problems, and make reasoned, ethical decisions. In so doing, we acquire in-depth knowledge and develop understanding across a broad and balanced range of disciplines.

Let one of our Seisen Student Ambassadors in Middle or High School show your child what Seisen has to offer by shadowing for a day.

Parents and prospective students are welcome and encouraged to visit the school. For school tours or to arrange for Student Shadowing please contact:

Sheila O'Donoghue
KG Principal (Admission and Inquiry)

Seisen International School - AdmissionsNinnette Trout
G1-12 Admission and Inquiry:

Joining the Seisen Community

We encourage you to learn more about Seisen's long history of service and excellence in academics, arts and athletics.

If Seisen is the supportive and challenging environment for your child please complete the Inquiry Form on this page and our Admissions team will contact you about next steps.