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We are proud of the fact that students from Seisen International School graduate fully prepared to succeed in higher education and are maintaining their excellent standards of performance in select colleges throughout the world.

Virtually all graduates of Seisen International School are accepted by, and enroll in, college or university.

The purpose of our advising program is to guide and assist with all aspects of the college search and application process. We work with students to find universities that match their personalities, needs, and goals while offering advice on establishing manageable timelines. Additionally, we provide pertinent information regarding standardized tests, test preparation, and summer programs. We actively encourage college representatives to visit our students and our school.

Pathways for Seisen Graduates


Matriculate to North American Universities



Attend universities in Britain and other European countries


Enter universities in Japan or Asia


of the graduating class of 2018 is attending 3 to 4 year institutions.


universities and colleges will visit Seisen during lunchtime or after school during the first and fourth quarters,

Impact of COVID-19 on UK University Admissions
Mary Harrington

Universities are doing their best in changing  and challenging circumstances. Priority has been given to current students, they are now working on policies and procedures for applicants for Fall 2020

Dear Parents and Students of the Seisen International School Community,

As with all aspects of life at the moment the University Admission process has been complicated due to changing pressures, timelines and expectations in this fluid and unprecedented time.

I participated in an online webinar to learn about the impact of COVID - 19 on UK University Admissions.  The universities have faith in the IBO and trust school and college counsellors. They emphasised that:

we are ALL in this TOGETHER and if we WORK TOGETHER we will come out in a good place.  

My notes are below. I am sharing them with you in the hope it will provide some clarity and sense of ease at the moment.

Please contact me if you have any comments or queries.

Kind Regards

Ms Harrington


Impact of COVID-19 on UK University Admissions

NOTES from CIALFO Webinar Notes from online webinar  8/4/20


Ivar Moller University of St Andrews

Mike Nicholson Bath University

Catherine Eames Imperial College London

Key Messages

  • Trust the people in admissions.

  • International applications will continue to be competitive.

  • Universities trust schools and trust counselors.

  • Universities have confidence in the IB qualification.

Universities are doing their best in changing  and challenging circumstances. Priority has been given to current students, they are now working on policies and procedures for applicants for Fall 2020 (Including the planning for the possibility of remote learning for the start of the academic year if necessary) and will be working on policies and procedures for the Class of 2021 in due course.

University is about more than classes and the social aspect is highly valued.  Universities want to get back to face-face teaching. It is not cheaper for universities to teach online, costs will not go down.

Offer holders are encouraged to regular check student portals and the FAQs on university websites.

Universities want to support students (and offer holders and future applicants) and see them succeed.


Universities have confidence in the rigour of the  IB and processes established by the IBO. They expect the data they receive will be fair and representative assessments of student academic performance. This will be used to inform admission decisions.

The universities expect robust and honest assessments to be given to the IBO from schools.

Universities always have appeal mechanisms for unsuccessful applicants and expect an increased number of appeals this year and will allocate resources to evaluate appeals.  Documentation of mitigating or extenuating circumstances must be kept.

Imperial might take more “near misses”, subject to constraints within departments.



  • Students and families may consider deferral, especially if flight and visas become problematic.
  • Students are encouraged to look at the admissions policies at each university.
  • St Andrews will consider deferral on a case by case basis.


Advice for students in Grade 11

  • Concentrate on what is in your control.

  • Develop resilience.

  • Continue to evaluate universities.

  • Study hard and work towards your goal.

  • Engage with the universities as much as possible - eg virtual and online events

  • Regularly check FAQs on university websites.

  • Universities will be developing resources and processes to help students when they arrive and to address potential gaps in academic skills due to disruption in teaching.

  • Keep abreast of government policies



Universities have confidence in the IB qualification - it is fair and true reflection of students.

Regular check the FAQ section of university websites for current regularly updated information.

Everybody wants this to work.


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First page of the PDF file: Life_After_the_IB

Ms. Mary Harrington
Academic and
Higher Education Advisor

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