Girls’ School Graduates Have a Clear Edge Over Coeducated Peers

Reflecting on the totality of the findings, the researchers noted, “these statistically significant results demonstrate differences in areas of critical importance in the twenty-first century for women as they enter university and beyond, thus emphasizing the contribution of all-girls schooling for women’s success.”

Traffic Safety around Seisen

The start of the new school year is a great time to review the traffic safety guidelines around Seisen. This guide covers School Zone road closures, gate opening times and parking guidelines. Let's keep every member child safe.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Academic and Higher Education Advising

We are proud of the fact that students from Seisen International School graduate fully prepared to succeed in higher education and are maintaining their excellent standards of performance in select colleges throughout the world.

Virtually all graduates of Seisen International School are accepted by, and enroll in, college or university.

The purpose of our advising program is to guide and assist with all aspects of the college search and application process. We work with students to find universities that match their personalities, needs, and goals while offering advice on establishing manageable timelines. Additionally, we provide pertinent information regarding standardized tests, test preparation, and summer programs. We actively encourage college representatives to visit our students and our school.

Pathways for Seisen Graduates


Matriculate to North American Universities



Attend universities in Britain and other European countries


Enter universities in Japan or Asia


of the graduating class of 2018 is attending 3 to 4 year institutions.


universities and colleges will visit Seisen during lunchtime or after school during the first and fourth quarters,

11 Tips for Summer College Visits
Douglas Brittain

Many students and parents are planning to visit universities and colleges over the summer. Here are some tips from our Academic and Higher Education Advisor, Ms. Harrington, to make the process more beneficial.

Visiting a college/university campus is very important: it is a way to verify your assumptions about that school, city, region, or country; to ask important questions; to let the school know of your interest to attend there; and, to try to get a sense of your comfort level there. Don’t just drive around campus and look at the buildings and trees. Here are some ideas of some activities that might help you get a feel for the school:

  • Take a tour. Arrange this ahead of time. Remember that some tour guides are enthusiastic & dynamic; others are not; don’t use this as your only measure of a school.

  • Attend an information session if offered. This will provide you with a well-rounded foundation for decisions and help to distinguish features of the school. It might also provide some tips for admissions.

  • Eat a meal. It may not be the best cuisine, but you will get an idea of how you will survive if you attend that school. Notice the ambiance—is it friendly, how much diversity do you see?

  • Stay overnight in the dorm if possible at your top choice schools. This will give you an opportunity to meet students and ask questions. Be sure to call well in advance to schedule this.

  • Attend a class or two.  Choose to see one of the large lecture style classes and a smaller seminar class if possible. Again, ask to set this up in advance. During the class, take note of the level of involvement of the students in the class. See if you can determine if the professor is actively engaged with the students or just going through the motions.

  • Visit with students in the academic setting. If possible, meet some students enrolled in the area of study in which you are interested. Ask about academic and extracurricular activities.

  • Arrange an interview with an admissions officer, if possible. --- CONTACT MS HARRINGTON IF YOU WOULD LIKE CONTACT DETAILS FOR A PARTICULAR COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY

  • Read the university newspaper. Get an idea of what is going on around campus and the community. Search for controversial issues to discuss with students or faculty.

  • Check out the bulletin boards around campus. This will help to identify the activities that are available in the area and may imply something about the student body in general.

  • Write   down your impressions, USING COLLEGE COMPARISON GRID .  especially if you are visiting more than one campus! The impressions of one can easily get jumbled up with others. Pay attention to your “gut” reaction.  Take note of things that strike you as interesting, positive or negative. How would you describe this school to someone who had not had the chance to visit it.
  • Take PHOTOS/VIDEO as visual reminders.  Make a VLOG


Remember to dress appropriately as you may have the chance to meet an admission representative while on campus. It is necessary to phone ahead to set up campus tours and interviews. Do your homework! Read the website and prepare questions for the interviewer and tour guides. If you are interested in or will need financial aid, set an appointment with a financial officer to find out what is available and what guidelines need to be followed.

Here are a couple of other articles with even more tips.

"5 Ways to make college visits fun!"- We love number 4! Campus tours can often sound the same and make it difficult to distinguish one institution from another. Check out this NY Times article when you planning your trip.

"What to Ask on a University Open Day" from The Guardian, with great possible questions toward the end of the article.

Information for families from Ivywise:

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