Elementary Art Students Get Creative With Their Chalk

Seisen Summer School Art Project
Zainah Nayef

 The elementary art students are consistently during new projects that their organizers come up with. 

 The elementary art students are consistently doing new projects that their organizers come up with.  Yesterday, the art students were given the assignment to draw something with chalk outside of the school.  However, they had to draw something interactive.  This means that the assignment was for the students to draw a large scale drawing of something that they could pose next to and make it seem as if they were a part of the painting.  For example, flying while holding onto a bunch of balloons, or laying on a chair in the beach.  The girls were given the freedom to be creative and use their imagination to create something that they could pose in.  Once their drawing was complete, the picture was taken from a ladder, so the full setting could be seen in the image.  This helped the students practice their larger scale art skills and show them how they can incorporate other figures, such as themselves, into their art work to make it more enjoyable for the viewer and for themselves.



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